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Our vertical files consist mainly of newpaper clippings, magazine articles, and other paper items relating to the Northwest Arkansas Ozarks. Files are divided by Subject | Category | Primary Sub-Category | Secondary Sub-Category | Tertiary Sub-Category. Some files are quite extensive while others may contain only a snippet of information.  Researchers may contact research specialist Rachel Whitaker for further information.

A list of subject headings is available in Adobe PDF format. You can download a free copy of the Adobe Reader at the Adobe site.

Click here to open the Vertical File Subject Headings document. Use the "Find" feature (under "Edit" in your toolbar) to conduct your search. 

Other search tips:
Files are arranged as logically and consistently as possible.  However, there are some deliberate aberrations. For instance, there are a number of organizations found under the subject heading "Organization," but if the organization is agricultural in nature, then it is found under "Agriculture." Military-based organizations are found under "Military."

Files are sometimes arranged from general to specific, without regard to alphabetization (e.g., under the category "Civil War," files about bushwhackers, historic markers, and memoirs follow files for Benton County, Boone County, etc.).

Files listed by a single surname under the subject heading "People" may contain one article about one person or multiple articles about different people, all of whom share the same surname.  

Keep in mind that the titles of the research files only represent a small portion of what is actually in the files. There may not be a "People" file about a certain family, but info concerning them may be found in such under their hometown, school, club, business, etc.

While a specific town or community listed under "Places" may contain some information about local schools, churches, and businesses, the bulk of this information will be under the subject headings "Education," "Religion," and "Business."  

A document containing references to multiple topics (e.g., an article about education in Madison County which mentions several schools) is found in a general file about education in Madison County rather than under a specific school.  When searching for a specific school, or any specific topic, it is a good idea to look at any associated general files.

Sometimes a specific business, etc. has a file bearing that name; sometimes not. For instance, Mountain Inn articles are located under Business|Lodging|Washington County|Fayetteville|Mountain Inn" while Lane Hotel articles are found in "Business|Lodging|Benton County|Rogers." That's because at this time, there are more articles about the Mountain Inn than there are about the Lane Hotel.

We also have an extensive collection of church-related vertical files.

The research library maintains volumes and periodicals covering such local topics as county history, obituaries, land patent maps, memoirs, family histories, agriculture, education, city directories, and transportation.  Books of a general nature related to Northwest Arkansas include architecture, Arkansas history, natural history, social history, and collectibles.  These materials are for on-site use only.

A list of our books and periodicals is available in Adobe © PDF (portable document) format.

Click here to open the Books and Periodicals document. Use the "Find" feature (under "Edit" in your toolbar) to conduct your search. 

Note: These research library listings do not include papers and books in our archival holdings. Contact collections manager Carolyn Reno for specific questions regarding items in our archives.


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