Church History Research File Subject Headings

Note: County abbreviations after subject heading denote church location:

When ministers are listed, their church affiliation is in parentheses. For example, the subject heading "Boatright, Chesley (Baptist)" means that Chesley Boatright was a Baptist minister.

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Abundant Life Christian Fellowship, Fayetteville
Academies and Schools
Abundant Grace Church, Rogers
Alpena United Methodist Church
American Bible Society
Antioch Church (Wa)
Apostolic Life Church, Springdale
Arkansas Annual Council, Christian Union
Arkansas – General
Arkansas College
Arkansas Conference College
Arkansas State Association of Missionary Baptist Churches
Assemblies of God
Aurora Pentecostal Church (Ma)

Ba’hai Faith
Baldwin Christian Church (Wa)
Baldwin Church of Christ (Wa)
Baptist Ford Church (Wa)
Beautiful Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bella Vista
Bell Gable Chapel, Fayetteville
Bella Vista Assembly of God
Bella Vista Baptist Church
Bella Vista Christian Church
Bella Vista Church of Christ
Bella Vista Community Church
Bella Vista Lutheran Church
Bella Vista Methodist Church
Bella Vista United Lutheran Church
Bellefonte Church of Christ (Bo)
Benton County Churches
Benton County Missionary Baptist Association
Bentonville Baptist Association
Bentonville Church of Christ
Bentonville Islamic Center
Bentonville Nazarene Church
Bentonville Seventh-day Adventist Church
Berry Street Baptist Church, Springdale
Berryville Seventh-day Adventist Church
Bethel Deaf Fellowship, Fayetteville
Bethel Church of the Nazarene, Bethel Heights
Bethel Missionary Baptist Church (Wa)
Bethel Presbyterian Church, Farmington
Bethlehem Church (Ne)
Bethlehem Church of Regular Baptists (Wa)
Bethlehem Methodist Church (Wa)
Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church (Wa)
Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church, Red Star (Ma)
Beulah Union Church, Eureka Springs
Bible Reading Ministry International
Big Springs Presbyterian Church (Wa)
Billingsley Cumberland Presbyterian Church (Wa)
Bishop, William E. (Methodist)
Blackjack Church (Be)
Bland Chapel Methodist Church (Be)
Boatright, Chesley (Baptist)
Boone County Churches
Braden Missionary Baptist Church (Wa)
Brand New Church, Farmington
Brightwater Memorial United Methodist Church (Be)
Brumley Gospel Sing, Springdale
Brush Creek Baptist Church (Wa)
Buchanan, John (Presbyterian)
Buckeye Regular Primitive Baptist Church (Ma)
Burlington Baptist Church (Bo)

California Community Church (Ma)
Calvary Baptist Church, Fayetteville
Calvary Bible Church, Rogers
Calvary Chapel of the Ozarks, Rogers
Calvary Freewill Baptist Church, Springdale
Calvary Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church, Bentonville
Cane Hill Presbyterian Church
Carnahan, Peter (Presbyterian)
Carroll County Churches&
Catalyst Church, Bentonville
Caudle Avenue Baptist Church, Springdale
Celebrate Family Church, Rogers
Celebrate Jesus Parade
Cemetery Street Church of Christ, Fayetteville
Center Point Association of Landmark Baptist Churches
Center Point Church, Washington County
Center Street Church of Christ
Centerton United Methodist Church
Central Baptist Church, Fayetteville
Central Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville
Central United Methodist Church, Fayetteville
Central United Methodist Church, Rogers
Centro Cristiana Hispano, Rogers
Chabad of Northwest Arkansas
Charity Baptist Church, Rogers
Cherokee Church, Westville, OK
Christ of the Ozarks - See Smith, Elna M. Foundation
Christ the King Lutheran Church, Bentonville
Christ's Church, Fayetteville
Christ's Church of Rogers
Christian, Charles Herbert
The Christian Center, Bentonville
Christian Endeavor Society
Christian Home Free Will Baptist Church, Colbaugh
Christian Life Cathedral of Benton County, Bentonville
Christian Life Cathedral, Fayetteville
Christian Life Center, Bentonville
Christian Life Cathedral, Siloam Springs
Christian and Missionary Alliance
Christian and Missionary Alliance Prayer Letters
The Church at Arkansas, Fayetteville
Church at Pinnacle Hills, Rogers
Church of God International, Fayetteville
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Centerton
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Huntsville
Church of the Nazarene, Springdale
Church of the Open Bible, Compton
Churches of Christ
Cincinnati United Methodist Church
Circuit Riders
Clyde Community Church
College Avenue Baptist Church, Fayetteville
Conable's Arkansas Colony
Congregation Etz Chaim, Bentonville
Cooper Chapel, Bella Vista
Cornerstone Assembly of God, Rogers
Council Grove United Methodist Church (Be)
Cove Church (Ma)
Cove Creek Holiness Church (Wa)
Covenant Church (PCA), Fayetteville
Cowboy Church of Northwest Arkansas, Springdale
Cowell Alliance Church, Pelsor
Crooked Creek Baptist Church (Bo)
Cross Church
Cross Church Marshallese
Cross Pointe Community Church (Wa)
Crystal Hills Family Fellowship
Cumberland Presbyterians

Day, Tommy (Baptist)
Decatur United Methodist Church
Dinner on the Ground
Dog Branch Cemetery Building (Ca)
Dowell's Chapel, Fayetteville
Drake's Creek Church of Christ (Ma)
Drake's Creek Regular Baptist Church (Ma)
Dug Hill Church, Bella Vista
Dunkard Church, Springdale
Dutton, Moses (Methodist)

Eagle Heights Baptist Church, Bentonville
East Kenwood Missionary Baptist Church, Siloam Springs
East Meadow Missionary Baptist Church, Springdale
East Side Assembly of God, Springdale
East Washington Association of Regular Baptists
Eastgate Church of Christ, Siloam Springs
Eastside Christian Union Church, Springdale
Elkhorn Church (Ne)
Elkins Community Church
Elm Springs Assembly of God
Elm Springs Methodist Church
Elm Tree Christian Church, Bentonville
Elmdale Baptist Church, Springdale
Elmwood Presbyterian Church (Bo)
Endtime Handmaidens (Ne)
Episcopal Church
Episcopal Community of Bentonville
Eureka Springs African Methodist Episcopal Church Eureka Springs Church of Christ
Eureka Springs United Methodist Church

Faith Assembly of God, Harrison
Faith Full Gospel Church, Springdale
Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Rogers
Falling Springs Church (Be)
Far West Seminary
Farmington Baptist Church
Farmington Christian Church
Farmington Church of Christ
Farmington Church of the Nazarene
Farmington United Methodist Church
Faulkner, E. W. (Methodist)
Fayetteville Baptist Association
Fayetteville Churches
Fayetteville Female Seminary
Fayetteville Gospel Tabernacle
Fayetteville First Assembly of God
Fellowship Bible Church, Rogers
Fellowship Bible Church, Springdale
Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Bella Vista
First Assembly of God, Bentonville
First Assembly of God, Gentry
First Assembly of God, Siloam Springs
First Assembly of God, Springdale
First Baptist Church, Bentonville
First Baptist Church, Berryville
First Baptist Church, Cave Springs
First Baptist Church, Centerton
First Baptist Church, Decatur
First Baptist Church, Eureka Springs
First Baptist Church, Farmington
First Baptist Church, Fayetteville
First Baptist Church, Garfield
First Baptist Church, Gentry
First Baptist Church, Grandview
First Baptist Church, Green Forest
First Baptist Church, Harrison
First Baptist Church, Hindsville
First Baptist Church, Hiwasse
First Baptist Church, Huntsville
First Baptist Church, Lowell
First Baptist Church, Parthenon
First Baptist Church, Pea Ridge
First Baptist Church, Prairie Grove
First Baptist Church, Rogers
First Baptist Church, Siloam Springs
First Baptist Church, Springdale
First Baptist Church, West Fork
First Christian Church, Bentonville
First Christian Church, Berryville
First Christian Church, Eureka Springs
First Christian Church, Fayetteville
First Christian Church, Gravette
First Christian Church, Harrison
First Christian Church, Rogers
First Christian Church, Springdale
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Eureka Springs
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Fayetteville
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Gravette
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Rogers
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Springdale
First Church of the Nazarene, Fayetteville
First Church of the Nazarene, Rogers
First Landmark Baptist Church, Springdale
First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, Bentonville
First Missionary Baptist Church, Huntsville
First Missionary Baptist Church, Rogers
First Presbyterian Church, Bentonville
First Presbyterian Church, Berryville
First Presbyterian Church, Eureka Springs
First Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville
First Presbyterian Church, Huntsville
First Presbyterian Church, Lincoln
First Presbyterian Church, Prairie Grove
First Presbyterian Church, Rogers
First Presbyterian Church, Siloam Springs
First Presbyterian Church, Springdale
First United Methodist Church, Bella Vista
First United Methodist Church, Bentonville
First United Methodist Church, Eureka Springs
First United Methodist Church, Harrison
First United Methodist Church, Prairie Grove
First United Methodist Church, Rogers
First United Methodist Church, Siloam Springs
First United Methodist Church, Springdale
Forum Church of Christ (Ma)
Foundation of Ubiquity (Ne)
Foundery United Methodist Church, Springdale
Free Holiness Church, Springdale
Freedom Freewill Baptist Church, Pea Ridge
Friendship Baptist Church, Springdale
Full Trinity Gospel Church, Springdale

Garfield Baptist Church                     
Garret Creek Missionary Baptist Church (Wa)                              
Gateway Assembly of God                               
Gateway Chapel                 
Gentry Seventh-day Adventist Church                           
Gentry United Methodist Church                     
Glad Tidings Assembly of God, Springdale                  
Glorious Grace Fellowship, Rogers                                
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Fayetteville                            
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Rogers                   
Goshen United Methodist Church                   
Gospel of Peace Church, Springdale                            
Grace Baptist Church, Fayetteville                  
Grace Baptist Church, Rogers                         
Grace Bible Church, Siloam Springs                             
Grace Church of Christ, Fayetteville                               
Grace Church of Northwest Arkansas, Fayetteville                     
Grace Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville                               
Grace Episcopal Church, Siloam Springs                     
Grace Hills Church, Bentonville                      
Grace Lutheran Church, Lowell                      
Grace Point Church, Bentonville                     
Grace United Methodist Church, Rogers                       
Gravette United Methodist Church                  
Greasy Valley Church (Wa)                              
Green Forest United Methodist Church                         
Greenland Church of Christ                             
Greenland Free Will Baptist Church (Wa)                     
The Grove, Fayetteville
Gum Springs Church (Be)       

Habberton Church of Christ (Wa)                         
Hamby, W. C. (Baptist)                      
Harmon Methodist Church (Wa)                     
Harmonial Vegetarian Society                        
Harmony Regular Baptist Church (Ma)                          
Harris Baptist Church, Elkins                           
Harris, Thoro (Assembly of God)                    
Harvard Avenue Baptist Church, Siloam Springs                        
Hickory Flatt Church (Wa)                 
Hickory Grove Free Will Baptist Church                         
Highfill Baptist Church                      
Highfill United Methodist Church                    
Highland Christian Church, Bella Vista                         
Highland Community Church (Wa)                
Highlands United Methodist Church, Bella Vista                         
The Hill, Fayetteville                          
Hindu Association of Northwest Arkansas                    
Hispanic Ministry                
Hiwasse Christian Church                                
Hiwasse Church of the Nazarene                   
Holcomb Street Church of Christ, Springdale                              
Holiday Island Community Church                
Holiday Island Presbyterian Church                               
Holiness Bible School, Gravette                      
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Rogers                            
Hood, David L. (Baptist)                    
Hope Evangelical Free Church, Rogers                        
Hope Freewill Baptist Church (Ma)                 
Howe-Savoy Bible Church (Wa)                     
Huntsville United Methodist Church                               
Hyland Park Assembly of God, Fayetteville

Illinois Chapel Baptist Church (Wa)                
Immanuel Baptist Church, Fayetteville                          
Immanuel Baptist Church, Rogers                  
Immanuel Baptist Church, Springdale                           
Incoming Kingdom Missionary Unit, Gilbert                 
Institute of the Ozarks, Bella Vista                   
Island Chapel Church (Wa)

Jasper Christian Church                   
Jasper United Methodist Church                     
Jehovah’s Witnesses                         
Jehovah’s Witnesses, Deer                              
Jehovah’s Witnesses, Springdale                   
Jesus Name Church, Springdale                    
John Brown University                      
Johnson Baptist Church                    
Johnson Church of Christ                 
Johnson, L. L. (Baptist)                      
Judson American Baptist Church, Bella Vista

Katog Rit’hrod Buddhist Retreat (Ne)                             
King’s River Association of Regular United Baptists                   
King's River Church, Berryville
Kingston Presbyterian Church

Lake Hills Church, Fayetteville                        
Lakeland Baptist Church, Omaha                   
Lakeside Baptist Church, Rogers                    
Lakeview Baptist Church, Cave Springs                       
Land of Infinite Bless Buddhist Retreat Center (Ma)                   
Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, Siloam Springs                              
Liberty Baptist Church, Dutch Mills                 
Liberty Baptist Church (Ne)  oversize                             
Lierly, O. L. (Baptist)                           
Life Change Community Fellowship, Fayetteville                       
Life Harvester Church, Fayetteville                
Little Bell Chapel, Bellefonte                           
Little Elm Baptist Church, Farmington                           
Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church                               
Little Portion, Eureka Springs                          
Little’s Chapel (Ma)                            
Living Savior Lutheran Church, Lowell                          
Living Water Baptist Church (Ma)                   
Living Waters at Centerton                               
Living Waters United Methodist Church, Bentonville                  
Lone Beech United Baptist Church (Ne)                       
Lord’s Acre Plan                 
Lost Bridge Community Church (Be)                             
Low Gap Church (Ne)                       
Lowell Community Church                              
Lower Smyrna Church (Ma)                             
Lurton Assembly                                
Lynwood Church of Christ (Be)     

Madison County                 
Madison County Association of Missionary Baptists                   
Mary Mother of God Catholic Church, Harrison                           
McCormick, Carol, and Horton, Jewel                           
Methodists in Fayetteville, 1832-1968 (oversize)                        
Metropolitan Community Church, Fayetteville+                           
Miley, Burton (Baptist)                       
Miller Chapel (Wa)                             
Miller, Henry (Baptist)                        
Mission Boulevard Baptist Church, Fayetteville                           
Mission Fellowship Bible Church, Fayetteville                             
Morris, John W.                   
Morrow United Methodist Church                   
Mosley United Baptist Church (Be)                 
Mount Comfort Presbyterian Church                             
Mount Comfort Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor, 1892-1899 oversize                         
Mount Gilead Baptist Church (Wa)                 
Mount Hebron Church, Lowell                         
Mount Olive Church (Wa)                 
Mount Pleasant Church (Wa)                           
Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church (Be)                          
Mount Sequoyah Assembly                             
Mount Sinai Church (Wa)                 
Mount Vernon Baptist Church (Wa)                
Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church, Pea Ridge                          
Mount Zion Association of United Baptists                    
Mount Zion Association, United Baptist Church (Ma),                 
1846-1885 see also oversize                          
Mount Zion Baptist Church (Wa)                     
Mount Zion Church (Wa)                   
Mount Zion Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Billingsley                        
Mount Zion United Baptist Church (Wa)                        
Mountain Grove Church at Pinnacle (Ma), 1936-1979 oversize                               
Mountain Grove Church of Christ (Ma)                          
Mountain Grove Regular United Baptist Church,                         
Rocky Grove (Ma)                               
Mountain Gap (Wa)                            
Mountaincrest College
Mulberry Church (Ca)

New Beginning Foursquare Gospel Church, Prairie Grove                       
New Beginnings United Methodist Church, West Fork                               
New Day Family Worship Center, Rogers                     
New Home Methodist Church (Be)                 
New Home or Lower Campground United Baptist Church, Huntsville                   
New Hope Church of the Nazarene, Rogers                
New Hope Baptist Church, Kingston, 1870-1957 oversize                        
New Hope Fellowship, Springdale                 
New Hope Methodist Church, Bella Vista                     
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church (Wa)                  
New Hope Regular Baptist Church, Kingston                               
New Life Fellowship, Rogers                           
New Life Tabernacle, Siloam Springs                           
New Prospect Baptist Church, Pea Ridge                     
New Prospect Baptist Church (Wa)                
New Springs Christian Church, Springdale                  
New Sulphur Church (Wa)                               
Newton County Churches                
Nicodemus Community Church (Be)                             
North Street Church of Christ, Fayetteville                    
Northvale Baptist Church, Harrision                               
North West End Street Church of Christ, Springdale                  
Northwest Arkansas Family Church, Bentonville                         
Northwest Arkansas Sikh Temple, Rogers                    
Northwest Baptist Fellowship (Be)
Northwestern Arkansas Missionary Baptist Association  

Oak Grove Baptist Church (Wa)                      
Oak Grove Church, Springdale                       
Oak Grove Full Gospel Church, Springdale                  
Oak Manor Christian Church, Fayetteville                     
Oakland Baptist Church (Wa)                          
Oakley Chapel (Be)                           
Old Alabam Non-Denominational Church (Ma)                          
Old Mount Zion Association of Free Will Baptists                        
Olvey Bible Church (Bo)                   
Olvey Christian Church (Bo)                            
Omaha United Methodist Church                   
Open Door Baptist Church, Rogers                                
The Orthodox Church, Fayetteville                 
Our Lady of the Ozarks Shrine, Winslow                       
Ozark Adventist Academy                
Ozark Service Retreat, Siloam Springs

Parthenon Full Gospel Church
Passion Play - See Smith, Elna M. Foundation                         
Patterson Springs Landmark Missionary Baptist Church (Jo)                   
Pea Ridge Church of Christ                             
Pea Ridge Church of the Nazarene                               
Pea Ridge Pentecostal Holiness Church                      
Pea Ridge United Methodist Church                              
Peace Lutheran Church, Rogers                     
Peaceful Valley Bible Church (Wa)                
Pentecostal Church of God of America, Springdale                   
People’s Mission, Springdale                          
Pettigrew Community Church (Ma)                
Phillips Chapel Freewill Baptist Church, Springdale                  
Pilgrim’s Rest Freewill Baptist Church, Springdale                     
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church (Be)                               
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church (Be)                    
Pleasant Home Church (Wa)                           
Porter, Rue                           
Possum Trot Church                          
Prairie Grove Christian Church                       
Prairie Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church                         
Prehistoric Indians                             
Presbyterian Church of Bella Vista                 
Presley Chapel United Methodist Church (Ma)                            
Primitive Baptist Church, Springdale
Providence Baptist Church (Wa)


Radiant Life Church, Bentonville                    
Rally Day                              
Regular Baptist Church on West Fork (Wa) see also oversize                  
Regular United Baptist Church of Christ at Mountain Grove (Ma), 1889-1979 oversize                      
Regular United Baptist Church of Christ at Rocky Grove (Ma), v. 1, 1898-1916; v. 2, 1917-1918 oversize                     
Regular United Baptist Churches of Madison County                                
Religious Society of Friends, Fayetteville                      
Resurrection Chapel, Eureka Springs                            
Revival Tabernacle, Springdale                      
Rhea, J. H.  (Methodist)                     
Ridgeview Baptist Church, Fayetteville                          
Ridgeway Church of Christ (Bo)                      
Roadside Mission Assembly of God, Huntsville                          
Robinson Avenue Church of Christ, Springdale                          
The Rock of Northwest Arkansas (Springdale)                            
Rock Springs Missionary Baptist Church (Wa)                             
Rock Springs Southern Baptist Church (Ca)                 
Rogers Academy                
Rogers Christian Church                  
Rogers Churches                               
Rogers Congregational Church                      
Rogers Wesleyan Church                 
Rolling Hills Baptist Church, Fayetteville

Sacred Harp                        
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Rogers                        
St. Anne’s Catholic Church, Berryville                           
St. Bernard Catholic Church, Bella Vista                       
St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, Eureka Springs                            
St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church, Springdale                  
St. George’s Anglican Church, Rogers                          
St. James Baptist Church, Fayetteville                           
St. James Episcopal Church, Eureka Springs                              
St. James United Methodist Church, Fayetteville                        
St. John of Chicago Orthodox Church, Springdale                     
St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Huntsville                   
St. John’s Episcopal Church, Harrison                          
St. John’s Lutheran Church, Fayetteville                       
St. Joseph Catholic Church, Tontitown                          
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and School, Fayetteville                              
St. Mary’s Academy, Tontitown                       
St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Siloam Springs                 
St. Mary’s Hospital, Rogers                              
St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church, Springdale                              
St. Paul Methodist Church (Ma)                       
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Fayetteville                      
St. Raphael’s Catholic Church, Springdale                   
St. Stephen Catholic Church, Bentonville                     
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Winslow                    
St. Theodore’s Episcopal Church, Bella Vista                              
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Fayetteville                     
St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Springdale                   
St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Rogers                               
Salem Church (Wa)                           
Salem Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Boonsboro                               
Salem Lutheran Church, Springdale                             
Salem Missionary Baptist Church, Fayetteville                            
Salem Springs Campground (Wa)                 
Salvation Army, Springdale                             
Sang Avenue Baptist Church, Fayetteville                    
Second Baptist Church, Springdale                               
Sequoyah United Methodist Church, Fayetteville                        
Schaberg Seventh-day Adventist Church (Cr)                             
Seventh-day Adventist Church, Springdale                  
Sherman, William (Methodist)                         
Sherrod, Arthur (Methodist)                              
Sherrod, William (Methodist)                           
Shiloh Farms, Sulphur Springs                       
Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church, Springdale                 
Shiloh United Methodist Church, Dry Fork (Ca)                           
Silent Grove Community Church (Be)                           
Siloam Springs Bible Church                          
Singing Schools                 
Sisters of Mercy Hospital, Eureka Springs                    
Slaughter, Owen David (Baptist)                     
Smith Chapel (Ma)                             
Smith, Elna M. Foundation                               
Smoot Journal (Mormon)                 
Social Programs                 
Sonora Baptist Church                      
Son’s Chapel, Fayetteville                
South Hill Church of Christ, Fayetteville                        
Southern Grove Baptist Church, Accident                     
Southside Baptist Church, Fayetteville                          
Southside Church of Christ, Rogers                               
Spring Creek Fellowship, Springdale                            
Spring Creek Missionary Baptist Church, Springdale                 
Spring Valley Baptist Church (Wa)                 
Springdale Assembly of God                           
Springdale Christian Church                           
Springdale Church of God                               
Springdale Churches                        
Springdale First Church of the Nazarene                      
Springdale Missionary Baptist Church                           
Springdale United Baptist Church                  
Springtown Pentecostal Church                      
Springtown United Methodist Church                            
Spyres, Malen (Baptist)                     
Stranburg, W. L. A. (Baptist)                             
Sulphur Baptist Church (Wa)                           
Sulphur City Baptist Church (Wa)                   
Sulphur Springs United Methodist Church (Be)                           
Sunday School                   
Sycamore Baptist Church, Fayetteville 

Temple Baptist Church, Rogers                      
Temple Baptist Church, Springdale                               
Temple Shalom, Fayetteville                           
Thorncrown Chapel, Eureka Springs                             
Thornsberry Church (Wa)                 
Timeline of Churches in NWA                         
Town and Country Commission (North Arkansas Methodist Conference)                            
Trinity Baptist Church, Harrison                       
Trinity Baptist Church, Rogers                         
Trinity Fellowship Assembly of God, Fayetteville                        
Trinity Grace Church, Rogers                           
Trinity Pentecostal Church of God, Siloam Springs                    
Trinity United Methodist Church, Fayetteville                               
Tripp, C. L. (Baptist)                           
Tuck’s Chapel United Methodist Church (Be)                              
Turner Street Baptist Church, Springdale                      
Tuttle, Nathan W. (Presbyterian)                     
Twelve Corners Baptist Church (Be)
Twin Springs Christian Church, Siloam Springs    

“Underground” Ministry, Fayetteville                              
Union Association of United Baptists                             
Union Baptist Church (Bo)                
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fayetteville                         
United Church Women of Springdale                            
United Lutheran Church, Bella Vista                              
United Pentecostal Church, Springdale                        
Unity Church of the Ozarks, Bentonville                        
Unity of Fayetteville                           
Unity Missionary Baptist Church, Farmington                              
University Baptist Church, Fayetteville
Upper Smyrna Church (Ma)   

Valley Grove United Baptist Church of Christ (Wa)                     
Valley Harvest Ministries, Springdale                            
Valley View Baptist Church (Ca)                     
Valley View Missionary Baptist Church (Wa)                
Victory Family Worship Center, Springdale                  
Victory Freewill Baptist Church, Springdale                  
Village Baptist Church, Bella Vista                 
Village Bible Evangelical Free Church, Bella Vista                     
Viney Grove Methodist Church (Wa)                              
Vineyard Missionary Baptist Church, Fayetteville
The Vineyard of Northwest Arkansas, Rogers  

Walnut Grove Baptist Church, Boxley (Ne)                   
Walnut Grove Presbyterian Church (Wa)                      
Washington Association of Baptist Churches                               
Washington Association of Regular Baptists                
Washington County Churches                         
Washington County Sunday School Convention                         
Wat-Thepnimith Xaimongkoon Buddhist Temple, Springdale                 
Waterway Christian Church (Be)                     
Watts, John (Methodist)                     
Weatherman, William (Church of Christ)                      
Weddington Baptist Church (Wa)                    
Wesley Church of Christ (Ma)                          
Wesley Methodist Church, Springdale                           
West Fork Assembly of God                             
West Fork Methodist Church                            
West Fork Presbyterian Church                       
White Chapel Assembly of God, Fayetteville                               
White River Arkansas Baptist Convention                     
White River Baptist Church of Madison County                           
White River Fellowship, Elkins                         
White River Presbyterian Church (Wa)                          
Whitehouse Church of Christ (Wa)                 
Wiggins United Methodist Church, Fayetteville                            
Wildflower Christian Chapel, Eureka Springs                              
Winona Church (Ca)                          
Winslow Christian Church                
Winslow Church of Christ                 
Winslow Methodist Church                               
Winstead, H. C. (Baptist)                   
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Youth With A Mission, Elm Springs

Zion Baptist Church (Be)
Zion Methodist Church (Wa)
Zion’s Rest Primitive Baptist Church (Be)


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