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Savoy Baseball Team

Savoy baseball team, 1917. Savoy, a small community west of Fayetteville, sponsored this well-outfitted baseball team. Wives and mothers of the players made the uniforms. The shirts are emblazoned with "Savoy 1st T", which stood for Savoy First Team. Eldridge Elsworth "Elzie" Cowan, seen on the back row, far left, was the team pitcher. At the time this photo was made, Elzie was 23 years old and a married father of three. His family ran the mill at Savoy. Along with playing baseball, Elzie was fond of playing the fiddle for community square dances. From left to right, back row: Elzie Cowan, Jim Howe, P. McDaniel, Clint Cook, Book Kilgo. Front row: Jess Sizemore, Guy Marshall, Harvey Webb, Jim West. Washington County Historical Society collection (P-4281)

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