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St. Louis and North Arkansas tunnel crew, 1901

On January 7, 1901, this tunnel crew for the St. Louis and North Arkansas Railroad was the first through the Charcoal Gap Tunnel northeast of Eureka Springs. A combination of muscle and dynamite created the 600-foot tunnel, which opened the way for completion of the railroad to Harrison, Arkansas.

Front row, from left: N. White, drill help; Joe Houston, drill help; Arthur Martin, inspector and first man through the tunnel; Pete Miller, foreman; Lew Caylor, driller. Back row, from left: Tony Caylor, driller; W. H. Seay, head tunnel man; William Warland, driller; Scotty Fitzsimmons, powderman; Paul Miller, braker; ? Harlin, driller. The man on horseback is J. B. Calt, head contractor.

The railroad line and the Charcoal Gap Tunnel were abandoned in 1961. The tunnel, now partially blocked by a rockslide, was placed on the Arkansas Register of Historic Places in 2007. Carroll County Heritage Center Collection (S-85-27-21A)

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