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Basin Spring

Basin Spring, Eureka Springs, 1883. The Carroll County resort town of Eureka Springs was founded in 1879, but its history goes back much further. Native people knew of the area's natural springs long before Dr. Alvah Jackson discovered them in 1856. Dr. Jackson claimed the springs had healing properties. During the Civil War, he treated wounded soldiers with spring water. After the war was over, he began selling "Dr. Jackson's Eye Water" from Basin Spring. Jackson introduced the spring water's healing power to Judge L. B. Saunders of Berryville, who suffered from a skin disease and "excess of flesh." Saunders took the waters and his health improved. Word of his healing spread throughout the region, folks anxious to partake of the medicinal waters began pouring in, and a town was born.  Eureka Springs Carnegie Library Collection/D. Calohan, photographer (S-83-325-133)

Source: The Eureka Chronicles by June Westphal, 1987.

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