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Christian and Missionary Alliance WorkersLetitia Waite and Arbutus Barr in Harrison, Arkansas, 1951.
Letitia "Letty" Waite (left) and Arbutus Barr served as Christian and Missionary Alliance workers in Northwest Arkansas for more than 30 years. Letty came to Arkansas as a home mission worker in 1948, living in Pettigrew (Madison County) with fellow mission worker Florence “Flossie” Jacobson. Arbutus arrived in Arkansas in 1951, and it was then that Letty and Arbutus began working as a mission team. In 1955 the women were asked to move to the Newton County community of Cowell to keep a small church going until a pastor could be secured. Letty and Arbutus lived in the back of the church, and ended up staying at Cowell for 28 years. In 1983, Letty and Arbutus left Arkansas, relocating in Elgin, Illinois to work with Lao refugees. Courtesy Letitia Waite and Elva Martin (S-2006-16-12)

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