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Lucy and Dr. C. P. SiscoLucy and Dr. C. P. Sisco brighten up his Springdale office for the holiday season in the 1940s. Dr. Sisco graduated from the University of Arkansas Medical School in 1911. He first set up a practice in Osage (Carroll County), and made a regular run from Alpena to Marble to Kingston in Carroll and Madison counties. "I remember when Dad used to go out and be gone three or four days making calls on horseback," said his son, Dr. Friedman Sisco, in a 1974 interview with The Springdale News. "He'd ride into the outside of our yard and knock on the gate until our hired boy would take a stick and knock his boots loose from the stirrups. It was so cold that they'd freeze to his feet," he explained.

In 1921, C.P. Sisco moved his practice to Springdale, where his son, Friedman, and grandson, Charles, both followed in his footsteps as a family physician. Dr. C. P. Sisco died in 1948. Lucy Sims Sisco, C.P.'s wife, worked in the clinic for both her husband and her son, until 1971. She died a year later at the age of 81. Courtesy Bertha McFadden (S-2004-107-5)

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