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Eureka Springs First Presbyterian Church

In October 1908, the Presbyterian Church in Eureka Springs held an autumn service, using the changing of the seasons to remind attendees that "we all do fade as a leaf."

The First Presbyterian Church of Eureka Springs was organized in 1882 with William Black McElwee as pastor. The congregation first met in a tent, then in a store building on Short Street. In 1885, the Eureka Springs Improvement Company (former Arkansas governor Powell Clayton, president) donated a building lot to the church at the corner of Spring Street and Grand Avenue, with the stipulation that the church be made of stone, and that the exterior be finished within a year's time. The church was dedicated in November 1886.

Tradition says that limestone and lumber for the church was donated by the builders of the Crescent Hotel, which was also completed in 1886, and that Irish stonemasons working on the Crescent offered to do the stonework for the church at no charge.

In 2011, the First Presbyterian Church of Eureka Springs celebrated its 125th anniversary by dedicating a new steeple and planting a dogwood tree in the church gardens.

Eureka Springs Historical Museum Collection (S-99-66-367)

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