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Rachel SteppIn 1940, Rachel Stepp and her husband, Jubal, of Pettigrew (Madison County), purchased a gasoline-powered washing machine. In a 1996 interview, Rachel remembered, "We bought [the washing machine] new. They get to be hateful like all gasoline engines, and give you trouble sometimes."

Rachel Bohannon Stepp (1915-2009) was born in Oklahoma, and moved to Franklin County, Arkansas as a small child. She married Jubal Stepp in 1933. They raised a son and twin daughters on a farm in the Pettigrew area. From her 1996 interview: "We had to farm. We didn't get our food from a paper sack in them days, we got it from the ground. We done a right smart lot of canning. We didn't starve, but we had to eat what was on the farm. We plowed with mules. I've shook a double shovel when I was young. Get a row ever time my husband would get one. We worked, you better believe it. That's all I ever done in my time, is work! It was a hard living, but I had a lot of go-power to me. If I wanted my garden plowed and there was a horse or a mule there, I plowed it. If I wanted it planted, I planted it. Hoe it, I'd hoe it. I knowed that when I done it, it was done. There wasn't no come back to it."

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