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Picking Beans at the McGarrah Farm, 1957

July 1955 was harvest time for beans at the Edgar and Harlow McGarrah farm about seven miles east of Siloam Springs (Benton County). Standing from left: Mrs. Bob Anderson, Bob Anderson, Geneva McGarrah Bauer, unidentified, Tom Anderson, Tom Alverson (older man), and Tom Alverson (the older Alverson's son; carrying a bushel basket). Kneeling down are Pearl McGarrah and Jack Bauer.

Geneva Bauer is holding a list of basket weights, to estimate how many pounds of beans are loaded on the truck headed for market in Dallas, Texas. Pearl McGarrah is paying cash as the baskets are weighed—the going rate was ten cents per pound at that time. The McGarrah bean fields usually yielded three pickings a season.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bauer Collection (S-92-144)

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