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Bird College students, 1914

Bird High School (aka Bird College) students, June 1914. Professor Jesse Bird arrived in Madison County, Arkansas, in 1885. In 1890, he opened a school on Governor's Hill overlooking Huntsville. Tuition was $2-$4 a month, with boarding available for $8-$10 monthly. An 1892 newspaper ad for Bird High School stated that it was "the only school in Madison County furnishing instruction in a high school course."

Bird High School closed after some ten years in operation. The rest of Prof. Bird's life was plagued with family and financial woes. He settled near St. Paul, where he served for a time as principal of St. Paul High School and also found work as an occasional tutor. He died at the county home on Christmas Day, 1923.

J. D. Johnson Collection (S-88-96-27)

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