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Road crew near Green Forest (Carroll County), early 1900s. This photo was made at a time when state law required all male residents between the ages of 18 and 45 to help with the upkeep of local roadways. Each county employed at least one road overseer to organize the work crews.

In a 1962 article written by Coy Logan for the Carroll County Historical Society Quarterly, Logan remembered when his father, Frank Logan, worked on a road crew in Dryfork township:

Most generally the road overseer would let the men work the roads near home. Generally they were asked to work at a time most convenient for them. As I recall, my father did most of his road work in the late summer or fall after he "laid by" the corn.

When the overseer got read to work he went around and "warned them out" to work on a certain road on a given date. A man that didn't do his part and work to keep the roads was considered a pretty sorry sort of citizen. . .

A. T. Johnson, photographer. Carroll County Historical Society Collection (S-84-236-31)

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