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Sherman Morgan World War II veteran Sherman Morgan (1914-2001) of Fayetteville was drafted into the Navy in 1943 and assigned to the USS El Dorado, a communications ship. Morgan took part in the battles for Iwo Jima and Okinawa and received two Bronze Stars. He was in the Philippines preparing for the invasion of Japan when the war ended.

In a 1995 interview about his World War II experiences, Morgan recalled, "In training, they taught you to be mean, like you would teach a dog, so that you would know how to fight. I was a kid, and I never fought anybody, and I never killed nobody. I was scared, at least at first. I never thought I would be back here. I never thought it. But here I am.

"I got discharged in Tennessee, and we had white barracks and black barracks. It had been that way on the ship, too, and I was at sea eighteen months. When I was on the train coming home, the minute I hit the Arkansas state line, I had to go back there in that Jim Crow car. We had all been fighting in the war for the same thing. I never could understand that. But during them times, that's the way it was."

Sherman Morgan Collection (S-2001-49-52)


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