Gift Information for Photograph Lenders

Since 1968 the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History has relied on the generosity of numerous contributors to build the region’s best and largest archive of Ozark images. These wonderful photos have been put to good use through the years enlivening the museum’s exhibits, illustrating publications, and enhancing educational programs. The collection has been used in other ways as well. Family researchers have found pictures of their ancestors, students have used images for their school projects, and reporters have incorporated photos in their stories. In order to continue this valuable service the museum asks for your help. By signing the Photo Loan Receipt and Reproduction Permission form you allow the museum the right to make your images available to researchers, educators, authors, museums, and the like – people and institutions who promote the learning and enjoyment of history.

Listed on the Photo Loan Receipt & Reproduction Permission form are two choices:

• Unrestricted Access – Allows the museum to use the images for its own in-house programs, exhibits, publications, etc., as well as make them available to family researchers, authors, documentary producers, journalists, museums, etc.

• Restricted Access – Allows the museum to use the images for its own in-house programs, exhibits, publications, etc., but disallows the Museum from sharing them with anyone else unless we receive permission from you to do so.

We sincerely hope you will agree to give the museum “Unrestricted Access” to these images. By having your permission on file, we won’t have to contact you repeatedly about using your photos. Also, years from now, when we get a request to use your image, we won’t have to worry about trying to find you or your heirs. However, if you only give the Museum “Restricted Access” to use these photos and we’re unable to contact you or your heirs, we’ll have to deny all requests for their use. Your wonderful images may be lost to future generations.

Rest assured the museum will not take its responsibility to your images lightly. We will safeguard the use of them as if they were our own and always credit you as the lender. We’ll carefully consider the merits of each request to use an image, granting only those that best serve the appreciation of history. Please be aware that the museum may charge fees for the reproduction and/or use of photos, in order to cover the cost of photographic materials and staff time.

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation. We appreciate your support of the Shiloh Museum and its mission to share and promote area history.

Allyn Lord, Director

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