Conditions for Reproduction of Photographic Images

  1. All photographic reproductions shall be for an approved, one-time, one-edition use only. Requests for additional uses, editions, or formats shall be made in writing to the photo archivist. The user shall incur a fine of three times the normal commercial use fee for each unauthorized reproduction.
  2. Photographs may not be altered (e.g., cropped, overprinted, bled) in any way, unless authorized in writing by the photo archivist.
  3. The credit line, “Courtesy of the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History / [name] Collection [catalog number]” shall be attributed to each image reproduced. Abbreviations shall not be permitted. The credit line shall appear:
    a. For printed material or electronic media, in immediate proximity to the reproduction or in the section within the
    publication devoted to photographic credits.
    b. For film and video use, included with other “Sources of Illustrations.” Collection name and catalog number may be
    c. For exhibitions, within the exhibition area.
  4. One complete, complimentary copy of the publication or other commercial product shall be furnished to the Museum,
    unless the image was not used. All expenses for shipping and handling are to be borne by the applicant.
  5. In authorizing the publication of an image, the Museum does not surrender its own right, title, ownership, or right to publishor to grant permission for others to do so. The Museum assumes no responsibility for infraction of copyright laws, invasion of privacy, or improper or illegal use that may arise from reproduction of the image.
  6. In the case where copyright is held by a third party, the applicant shall secure and provide to the Museum written
    permission from that party. The applicant shall agree to indemnify the Museum against any third-party claims of copyright infringement.
  7. The Museum reserves the right to deny permission to reproduce an image from its collection to any applicant whose
    product is not acceptable to the Museum for any reason.

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