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Northwest Arkansas is no stranger to disaster, natural or man-made. Throughout the past two centuries storms, floods, fires, and crashes have shaped lives and altered communities and terrains. Why are we fascinated by disasters? Is it because of the damage they cause? The human tragedy they inflict? The "it-could-have-been-me" factor? One thing is certain: where there is disaster, there is likely to be onlookers. And a photographer to capture the novelty of destruction. This online exhibit includes images from just a few of the disasters that have hit Northwest Arkansas. The Shiloh Museum is always looking for more images. If you have photos to share, please let us know!

"Then the lights went out and all hell broke loose…"

1961 Harrison flood
Bob Reynolds, merchant

Disaster: Fire!

Disaster: Flood!

Disaster: Crash!

Disaster: Storm!

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