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Bridge vs. Trestle

Jordan Creek Bridge

A BRIDGE is made up of long spans (lengths) which rest on piers and abutments (support structures in the middle of the bridge and at either end, respectively). Bridges come in many designs and materials.

Jordan Creek bridge, Cane Hill (Washington County), 1930s. Washington County Historical Society Collection (P-208)





Frisco Railroad Trestle

A TRESTLE is made up of short spans supported by splayed vertical elements known as trestles (individual rigid frames). Railroads often built trestles in mountainous areas and in floodplains as part of the approaches (access points) to a bridge over a river.

Frisco Railroad trestle #1, Winslow (Washington County), early 1900s. Mary Lucille Yoes Collection


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Types of Truss Bridges

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