How to Book a School Program

Contact: Judy Costello, education manager

Telephone: 479-750-8165

Cost: FREE (donations to the museum are welcome)

Available times:Tuesday–Friday, 10:00–11:30 a.m. and 12:30–2:00 p.m. Other times may be available upon request.

Topics: Program topics vary from month to month. 2018-2019 School Program Topics

Class sizes: Class size depends on the program topic. See 2018-2019 School Program Topics for details.

Chaperones: Because your students' time at the museum is limited and valuable, we want to make sure they are able to get the most out of their visit. In order to help with organization and group management, we ask that your group include adult chaperones. Listed below are the recommended adult-to-student ratios for different grade levels.

Kindergarten classes. 1 adult per 6 students. For example, a class of 7 students would need 2 adults; a class of 19 would need 4 adults.

1st through 5th grade classes. 1 adult per 10 students. For example, a class of 18 students would need 2 adults; a class of 23 would need 3 adults.

6th through 12th grade classes. 1 adult per 15 students. For example, a class of 14 students would need 1 adult; a class of 24 would need 2 adults.

Food: Food and drinks are not allowed in the museum or on the grounds. You can arrange for picnics at Murphy Park, located on Pleasant Street next to the Springdale Library, Aquatic Center, and Youth Center. To schedule a pavilion, call the Springdale Parks and Recreation Department at 479-750-8185.

Nearby: If your group has more than 90 students coming to visit the museum, we suggest that you divide your group and sign up for multiple field trip time slots. While one group visits the museum, the other groups can visit other Springdale attractions. Here are some student-friendly destinations. You'll need to contact each organization directly to schedule your visit.

Arkansas & Missouri Railroad passenger train
Arts Center of the Ozarks
Jones Center for Families
Springdale Parks
Springdale Public Library

2018-2019 School Program Topics

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