Ozark Coverlets

The Shiloh Museum of Ozark History Collection

Mary Rebecca Skelton (circa 1895), one of the many weavers featured in Ozark Coverlets, and her "Counterpin City Beauty" draft. Photo courtesy Ann Skelton Deemer; draft from the Robert Renic Logan Collection.

Authored by longtime weavers Martha L. Benson and Laura Lyon Redford and published by the Shiloh Museum, Ozark Coverlets is an in-depth look at more than twenty-five coverlets and handwoven pieces in the museum collection.

  • 190 pages
  • Color photos of coverlets and handwoven pieces
  • Histories and photos of the families associated with each coverlet and handwoven item
  • Historic weaving drafts recreated for today's handweaver
  • $30, plus $10 shipping and handling
  • See sample pages of a coverlet's history and its pattern draft

Accolades for Ozark Coverlets

Even if all you know about quilts is that they remind you of sleeping at Grandma's house, you'll find Ozark Coverlets educational and entertaining. In the spirit of the beautiful coverlets whose stories they reconstruct, Martha L. Benson and Laura Lyon Redford have crafted a book that is both elegant and practical.
BROOKS BLEVINS, Noel Boyd Professor of History, Missouri State University

This solidly researched catalogue effectively links Shiloh Museum's rich collection of coverlets to the Arkansas women who created them, often in straitened circumstances. Made more knowing by the diligent labors of Martha Benson and Laura Redford, we are moved by their artistry, their persistent urge to unite beauty with utility.
ROBERT COCHRAN, University of Arkansas

Ozark Coverlets will delight today's handweavers. They will linger over the photos and personal accounts of the weavers with a sense of sisterhood and gaze with awe at such fine handspun threads and intricately woven patterns. Best of all, they will love using the drafts—rewritten in our format—for pieces of their own.
MADELYN VAN DER HOOGT, founder of The Weavers' School and former editor of Weaver's and Handwoven magazines

Thoroughly researched and carefully written with precise attention to detail, this is a book for both the historian and the serious weaver. The family stories of individual weavers are delightful to follow, shedding light on lives of weavers past. The technical writing and deciphering of original drafts including the samples of woven swatches have been carefully done, illustrating the text and original material in an easy to follow manner, with an extensive appendix provided for handy reference. A fascinating book to read cover-to-cover, it should be on the bookshelf of historian and weaver alike.
JETTE VANDERMEIDEN, Teanaustaye Textiles

About the authors

Martha L. Benson has studied historic handweavers and textiles in Louisiana, Texas, and the antebellum South. She has also led study groups on reproducing historic weaving patterns. Martha has written numerous articles for the Complex Weavers Guild's Journal on topics such as regional weaving in the South, Bateman weave structures, and draw loom patterning. She was the Guild's book review editor for ten years. Martha is a member of the Northwest Arkansas Handweavers Guild.

Laura Lyon Redford has been involved with the Northwest Arkansas Handweavers Guild for many years, serving the organization as program chair, librarian, newsletter editor, and membership chair. Laura is also a founder of and instructor for the annual Northwest Arkansas Fiber Seminar, where she has taught classes in beginning and intermediate weaving, overshot theory, drafting and profile drafts, lace weaves, krokbragd, and cloth analysis since 1992.

Ozark Coverlets is available for purchase through the University of Arkansas Press.


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