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Donated by Wayne Martin

1963 Wrestling poster featuring the Great Bolo and Mighty Bolo

This 1963 poster is from our Mooney-Barker Drugstore collection. Danny Hodge (pictured right), from Perry, Oklahoma, started his wrestling career while attending the University of Oklahoma. He won his first Junior Heavyweight Championship title in 1960 and several more titles during the 1960s and 1970s. Hodge's claim to fame was his ability to crush apples with one hand.

Wrestling Revue listed Hodge and Red McKim as a tag team in 1962. Hodge appeared regionally in several matches during this period, including one in October 1962 featuring tag teams of "one girl and one man."

As to the identities of the wrestlers billed as "Great Bolo" and "Mighty Bolo," there are a couple of possibilities. Professional wrestler Al Lovelock used the name The Great Bolo while working in the Los Angeles territory of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). Later he and Tom Renesto became a tag team. Renesto then took over the name The Mighty Bolo and the pair fought as "the Bolos." When Lovelock moved to another territory he allowed Renesto to keep The Great Bolo moniker.

Renesto later partnered with Larry Hamilton as The Mighty Bolo. Jody Hamilton (Larry's brother), worked with Renesto as a tag team called "The Assassins."

Lovelock, meanwhile, teamed up with Pepper Martin as The Mighty Bolo and the pair worked together until Lovelock retired in the late 1960s.


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