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Springdale High School Commemorative Spoon
Donated by Suzanne Ternan 

Springdale High School commemorative spoon
Springdale High School girls basketball team, 1911

When Bertha Marie Stokes (second from right in the photo above of Springdale High School's 1911 girls basketball team) graduated from Springdale High School in April 1913, she was given this silver spoon to commemorate her accomplishment. The spoon was made by the Watson & Newell Company of Attleboro, Massachusetts, who specialized in making souvenir spoons for all kinds of events. The pattern on the spoon handle is called "Easter Lily."

Bertha Stokes, one of three daughters of William L. Stokes Jr., worked for many years as secretary and bookkeeper for Cravens & Co., an insurance firm in Fayetteville. Later, Bertha and her sisters, Lucille and Ruth, lived in the family home on South Spring Street in Springdale, where Lucille had a beauty shop for many years. That part of Spring Street (south of Emma Avenue) was abandoned in the 1960s and is today part of the land behind the Salvation Army property on Holcomb Street.

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