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Souvenir Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Beasley Market
Beasley Market, 1958. Minnie Beasley is on the left, Caroline Clark on the right. Howard Clark, photographer/Caroline Price Clark Collection (S-2002-72-1253)

Alpha "Alf" and Minnie Beasley, along with their daughters Norma and Imogene, opened a roadside produce stand north of Springdale in 1931 to take advantage of the newly-constructed Highway 71 that bordered the Beasley farm. The year-round stand sold fruit, vegetables, diary products, and eggs. Beasley’s first stand was made of four posts, two-by-fours, and tarps, but he eventually built a more permanent building. As daughter Norma remembered, “Once we had a store building with floors and a roof we began selling a line of pottery, some china (from Japan before the war started), baskets, and souvenirs [such as the circa 1950 salt and pepper shakers above], and we were licensed to sell beer and wine.”  

After Alf died in 1961, Minnie continued to run the market until 1974. Imogene and her son, Rod Mayse, ran the market until 1986 as Rod’s Produce. 

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