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Lady Washington Parlor Stove

Parlor Stove
Donated by Charles and Jan Applegate

This "Lady Washington" parlor stove belonged to Annabel Searcy of Springdale. The stovetop carries the name of the manufacturer—Anthony, Davy, and Co., Troy, New York—along with a patent date of 1848.

According to Tammis K. Groft of the Albany Institute of Art, "Cast-iron stovemaking reached its highest artistic achievement and technological advancements between 1840 and 1870."

Troy, New York was home to many cast-iron stove manufacturers in the 1800s. As Groft points out, Troy's location on the banks of the Hudson River "afforded easy and inexpensive transportation of raw materials to the foundries and finished stoves to worldwide markets."

Source: Tammis K. Groft, "Cast with Style: Nineteenth-Century Cast-Iron Stoves," Gastronomica, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp 19-24.

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