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Anna Butts Coger's Lace Dress
Donated by Doris Ann Kisor

Emma Butts Coger's lace dress Huntsville High School graduates, 1936
Above, from left: Imogene Coger, Therrie Cain, and Anna Butts, members of the Huntsville High School Class of 1936. Imogene Coger Northcutt Collection (S-96-80-151)

This lace dress would be right at home in the current pages of fashion magazines, as it no doubt was in 1955 when Anna Butts Coger bought it at Lichlyter's Department Store in Springdale. Anna selected the dress to wear to the inauguration of Gov. Orval Faubus in Little Rock on January 11, 1955. 

Like Faubus, Anna Butts was a Madison County native. She was born in Pettigrew in 1917, attended Huntsville High School, and later married Arlis Coger, also from Madison County. Anna Butts Coger died in 1981.


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