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Kodak Instamatic 414 Camera
Donated by Dr. Stanley Applegate

Kodak 414 Instamatic Camera
Kodak Instamatic 414 Camera Instructions

This Kodak Instamatic 414 belonged to longtime Springdale physician Stanley Applegate. This particular camera was produced between 1968 and 1971.

Kodak's Instamatic line of cameras was introduced in 1963. It proved widely popular from the start, with over 7 million sold in the camera's first two years of production. Two features made for its success: a built-in flash system and a drop-in film cartridge (called the 126 cartridge or Kodapack) that eliminated awkward film loading.   Anyone could easily load or unload the camera and because of the sealed cartridge, it could be loaded in daylight.

Several different models of the Kodak Instamatic were made throughout the 1960s. By 1970 Eastman Kodak had sold 50 million Instamatics, making it one of Kodak's most successful cameras ever.

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