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Schuster's Soda Fountain FixtureHot Chocolate Maker
Donated by Helen Cravens (S-92-217-1)

This soda fountain fixture was used in the 1930s-40s to make hot chocolate at Joyce's Drug Store on Emma Avenue in downtown Springdale. The fixture was manufactured by the Schuster Company of Cleveland, Ohio.Schuster Company, Cleveland, Ohio

J. R. Joyce (1888 -1966) opened his drugstore in 1916. The soda shop section of the drugstore was a popular destination for 70 years. During that time, Joyce's became well-known for their slogan "Been Here Always."

A 1937 edition of the Springdale News noted, "In the early days of [Joyce's], it was the custom to give small boys all the ice cream they could eat for turning the old-style ice-cream freezer. . . . The store now has completely modern equipment . . ." 

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