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Halloween Tambourine and Party Hat
Donated by Susan and Orville Hall Jr.

Halloween Tambourine and Hat

This tin tambourine and crepe paper party hat date to the late 1930s and early 1940s. The tambourine was made by Kirchhof, a company in Newark, New Jersey, that specialized in small metal toys, noisemakers, seasonal ornaments, and other novelties. There is no marking on the hat; the sides are held by staples and the black bow on the top is secured by thin wire. The hat is probably homemade. 

Orville Hall Jr. was born in 1935 in Fayetteville to Orville Sr., an agricultural and business economics professor at the University of Arkansas, and Janie Haigh Hall. Orville Jr. was an only child who lovingly cared for his toys, many of which he and his wife, Susan, have donated to the Shiloh Museum. He remembers wearing masks and hats at Halloween, and believes that the tambourine came from a Halloween party long, long ago.

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