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Gibson Oak Basket
Donated by Ada Lee Shook

Lena Smith of Fayetteville owned this fine basket made by Lifus G. Gibson (1879-1958). Lifus was a member of a well-known family of Northwest Arkansas basket makers.

Christopher Columbus "Lum" Gibson (1865-1947), who settled near the Spring Valley area in northeast Washington County, originated a basket design in the 1880s that has been passed down in the Gibson family for generations. The design is distinctive for its twill-patterned rectangular base, thick handle, and absence of nails.

Lifus Gibson, who was born and raised in Spring Valley, lived in Fayetteville in his later years, where he made and sold baskets. This basket has a stamp on the handle showing Gibson's name and address.

Members of the Gibson family are still making baskets today.

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