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Southern Calendar Company Fashion ClockSouthern Calendar Clock Company Fashion Clock
Donated by Zelmer and Norene Teague

Complete with Seth Thomas clockworks, this clock was made by Southern Calendar Clock Company of St. Louis in 1877. The upper dial keeps time; the lower dial is a perpetual calendar (it automatically adjusts for months of different lengths and indicates February 29 in each leap year).

John Sisemore, a farmer and Civil War veteran who lived near the Madison County community of Japton, bought this clock in 1877. According to Sisemore family lore, John was one of three people in Northwest Arkansas that year who purchased this brand of clock. The other buyers were the Johnson family who owned Johnson Mill in Washington County, and an unknown woman in Fayetteville.

John Sisemore's clock was used by Sisemore family and descendants until 2008, when Zelmer "Teb" and Norene Teague donated it to the Shiloh Museum.

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