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Pressed Cardboard Bunnies
Donated by Orville Hall Jr.

Cardboard Bunnies
Hunting Easter Eggs in Fayetteville, late 1930s

These bunnies made of molded or pressed cardboard or pulp were popular during the 1930s and 1940s. They belonged to Orville Hall Jr. of Fayetteville, the son of Orville Sr. and Janie Haigh Hall.

The late 1930s photo at right shows little Orville Jr. (born 1935) bending down to gather an Easter Egg, while his cousin Lawrence Richard Roberts stops his egg hunt to look at the photographer. Also pictured are Lawrence's mom, Ruth Haigh Roberts (left), and Orville Jr.'s mom, Janie Hill Haigh Hall. Orville J. Hall Jr. Collection (S-2009-60-6)

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