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Beaver Dam Groundbreaking Commemorative Shovel
Donated by Joe Clyde Pack

Beaver Lake Groundbreaking commemorative shovelBeaver Lake Groundbreaking commemorative shovel inscription

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the completion of Beaver Dam in 1966, our October 2016 artifact of the month is a shovel used during the groundbreaking ceremony that kicked off the dam construction project on November 22, 1960.

Springdale businessman Joe Robinson, president of the Beaver Dam Association, displayed the commemorative shovel in his office for many years. It was then passed down through Robinson's family until 2013, when Joe Robinson's great-grandson, Brannon Pack, donated the shovel to the Shiloh Museum on behalf of his father, Joe Clyde Pack.

Power generation at Beaver Dam began in May 1965. The overall project was completed in June 1966 at a cost of $46.2 million, and the lake (or reservoir as it is technically called), reached normal operational levels in 1968.

For more Beaver Lake history, visit our online exhibit, Building Beaver Lake.

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