Meet Our Staff

Director - Allyn Lord
Although a Yankee by birth, Allyn has lived in Northwest Arkansas, fallen in love with its hills, hollers, and people, and worked in its museums for more than thirty years. She has been active in numerous professional museum organizations in Arkansas, the Southeast, and the U.S. She serves as a peer reviewer for the American Alliance of Museums and as a field reviewer for the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Currently serving on the boards of the Arkansas Humanities Council, the Washington County [Arkansas] Historical Society, the Small Museum Administrators Committee, and the National Leadership Team for the American Association for State and Local History, Allyn may be found in her off-hours working on a historical biography, spoiling various cats, and hosting the occasional game-show fundraiser. Email

Collections Manager/Assistant Director - Carolyn Reno
Carolyn has been the collections manager since 1984. As caretaker of the museum collections, her duties include researching, cataloging, cleaning, and storing objects, as well as overseeing maintenance of security and HVAC systems. Carolyn grew up in Michigan and moved to Northwest Arkansas in 1976. She has an undergraduate degree in art but her interest in history, antiques, and a museum studies class with Peggy Hoffman at the University of Arkansas, led her to the museum field.  She enjoys all aspects of her job which explains her thirty-plus years at Shiloh Museum. Outside of work, Carolyn enjoys movies, quality and not-so-quality television, reading, gardening, baking, and yoga, just to name a few interests. Email

Collections and Education Specialist - Aaron Loehndorf
Aaron grew up in the Midwest exploring various historical sites. He has worked or interned at more than half a dozen museums, or similar, in four states. Splitting time between education and collections allows him to interact with amazing artifacts and still pass on his passion for history to younger generations. His interests include history and a multitude of outdoor activities. Email

Exhibits Manager - Curtis Morris
Curtis has worked at the museum since 1998, first as collections assistant and currently as exhibits manager. His responsibilities include designing and constructing permanent, temporary, and traveling exhibits, as well as fixing stuff. A second-generation University of Arkansas alumnus, he has a BA in history and an MA in anthropology, both from UA-Fayetteville. Outdoor activities, water sports, vintage vehicles, and home improvement projects keep him out of trouble. If it has wheels, flies, floats, or shoots, he's into it—the older the better. Currently he resides "out by the lake" with his four gals (spouse, two daughters, and loving labrador). Email

Education Manager - Judy Costello
Judy grew up learning and living Southern history through her family's exploration of Civil War battlefields, swimming holes, potential duck-hunting sites, and old cemeteries where ancestors were buried. Her education includes degrees in agricultural engineering from Auburn University and LSU. She moved to Fayetteville twenty-seven years ago with her husband who is a professor at the University of Arkansas. She invested many years homeschooling her three children, all of whom are now UA students. Twenty years ago, in the process of seeking hands-on learning opportunities for her students, she discovered the educational gem that is the Shiloh Museum. Interests include outdoor activities, working with children, and learning new things. Email

Education Specialist/Weekend Manager - Kim Hosey
Kim was born and raised in Texas, but when she moved to Arkansas to attend the University of Arkansas she fell in love with the region's culture and history and decided to stick around. She started out majoring in biochemistry since she had a passion for science, but then realized that she mostly had a passion for the history of science. She changed her major to history, and the rest is, well, history! In her spare time, Kim love to read, watch movies, and be active in any way. Email

Photo Archivist/Research Librarian - Marie Demeroukas
Marie came to the Ozarks in 1980 and knew a good thing when she saw it. She attended the University of Arkansas with the notion of becoming an archeologist but when she took a museum studies class, she was hooked. She brings her experience in collections management to the research library where she maintains the museum's extensive collections of photos and research materials and answers the public's inquiries about area history. Her interests include cooking, crafting, gardening, flea marketing, making wheel-thrown pottery, collecting sand, and lounging on the patio. Email

Research Specialist - Rachel Whitaker
Rachel grew up in Highfill, Arkansas, and attended school in nearby Gentry until she began homeschool in the sixth grade. She attended college at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Her educational background is in history and libraries. Rachel's work in the history field has included internships at George Washington Carver National Monument in Diamond, Missouri, and the Murrell Home in Park Hill, Oklahoma. She also spent time among the Kiowa tribe in southwestern Oklahoma, working on a project to collect animal tales. Rachel is currently a history instructor at Connors State College in Muskogee, Oklahoma. In her spare time, she tends to her horses, keeps taking classes, and loves to read. Email

Photographer - Kris Johnson
Kris grew up in Northwest Arkansas. He attended Northwest Arkansas Community College with the goal of studying anthropology but soon switched to art after taking an art history class. He began to work at the student newspaper as a photographer and added journalism as a second major. This led Kris to two degrees from the University of Arkansas: a BFA in studio art and a BA in journalism. Photography has been his passion and obsession for several years. Film photography and the darkroom in particular appeal to him because of the more hands-on approach, as well as being an oasis from the computers used every day. Outside the darkroom, Kris enjoys hiking, traveling, and painting. Email

Outreach Coordinator - Susan Young
Susan is a fifth-generation Ozarker. Before settling in the hills of Northwest Arkansas, her kinfolks hailed from the southern Appalachians in Kentucky and Tennessee. Susan's hillbilly heritage is something she is quite proud of and passionate about. Her areas of interest include religion, cemeteries, and traditional folkways of the Upland South. Susan currently serves on the boards of the Arkansas Historical Association, Ozark Folk Cultural Center Commission, Arkansas Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association, and Heritage Trail Partners. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, traveling, birdwatching, and genealogy. Email

Receptionist/Museum Store Manager - Kathy Plume
Kathy grew up in Missouri and is an alumnus of Southeast Missouri State University. She has lived in five different states and enjoyed learning about the culture of each area. Although the dialect and tastes in food may have differed from region to region, she has cherished the friendships she built along the way. As a former teacher, Kathy continued her love for teaching by homeschooling her three children for a total of eighteen years. She brings to the museum her love for learning, her enjoyment of meeting new people, and her desire to help others learn new things. Email

Maintenance - Marty Powers
A native of Fayetteville, Marty has deep roots in Washington County: his Mhoon ancestors were among the first settlers of the Round Mountain area east of Fayetteville, and several of his Powers ancestors were well-known stonemasons and builders in Fayetteville. A retired captain with the Fayetteville Fire Department, Marty and his wife Kendal are the parents of five daughters. Marty serves on the state board of directors for Camp Sunshine, a camp for children who have been severely burned. He is also a volunteer with Special Olympics. In his spare time, Marty enjoys hunting, fishing, and canoeing. Email

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