Shiloh Museum Campus
Shiloh Museum Campus Map Shiloh Meeting Hall Bluff Cemetery Cooper Barn Steele General Store Cartmell Outhouse Dr. Carter's Office Ritter-McDonald Cabin Searcy House
Click on the map to learn about our historic buildings and also about nearby Bluff Cemetery.

During the museum's hours (Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.), most of our historic buildings are open for exploration. The exceptions are:

  • The Searcy House is accessible only by guided tours. However, tours aren't available on most Saturdays and holidays.
  • The Steele General Store is closed except when offering programming, but you can glimpse its interior from its front door. 
  • The Shiloh Meeting Hall north of the museum (shown on the map above as "Odd Fellows Lodge/Primitive Baptist Church"), which opened in June 2018, is available for rent for meetings. Rental guidelines and fees
    The second floor of the building will be a toured exhibit hall featuring the history of the many organizations that once called the building home. We expect the exhibit hall to open in 2020.




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